How To Give: Father’s Day Gifts

by How To Mommy on 06.11.12

For some reason, I’m always on my game for Mother’s Day.

I figure out what to do months in advance and set to work on making our 6 mother/grandmother gifts.

I’m always behind the eight ball when it comes to Father’s Day.  With it less than a week away, I figured I’d better get researching.

For some reason, dads and grandpas seems a lot harder to shop for than moms and grandmas!

Here’s what I’ve found as the best gifts for Father’s Day:

  • Grilling Tools – Men love to be master’s of the grill, so help them by keeping them in the know on the latest and greatest barbecue tools!
  • Golf Clubs {or accessories} – Many guys love spending an afternoon away from their home or the office on the greens.  Find out which clubs, balls or accessories your guys prefer and stock up for them!
  • Meat – Along with gift idea #1, give dad or grandpa some delicious steaks!  Consider t-bones or filets for a really special treat.
  • Sports Tickets – Men love sports.  Buy dad tickets to a sporting event in your area or for his favorite team.  He’s sure to love the game.
  • Wallet – All men use this, and few men take the time to replace their old, worn wallets.  Do them a favor and do it for them!  Just a simple style like this one is sure to be a winner.
  • Homemade Photo – Make him smile by thinking outside the box and doing something sweet with his kids or grandkids and photograph it.

What are you getting dad this year?

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~The How To Mommy

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1 Tiffany June 12, 2012 at 6:49 AM

I made a list of questions for my kids to answer about their daddy. The answers were adorable and I’ll print each one with the child’s name and age. Some were simple questions about how old daddy is (my two year old said 2… and my four year old said 90.. but my 6 year old got it right!) to questions about what their favorite thing to do with daddy is and something that he says to them a lot. I think he’ll treasure these questions and answers. He’s also getting a grill since our’s bit the dust… but he’s going to have to pick it out himself! 😉


2 How To Mommy June 13, 2012 at 4:34 PM

That’s a great gift!


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