How To Give: Poodle Ornaments

by How To Mommy on 12.11.11

My mom started a tradition when we were born that every year in our stocking we received an ornament.

I love this tradition and am passing it down to my girls.  It’s so fun when you’re ready to leave the “nest” and take the ornaments with you to your first grown-up home.

We have two dogs, so I started thinking it would be nice to get them ornaments every once in a while too.  I wasn’t sure where I could find them.  Then I stumbled upon Cafe Press.

This website is amazing!  I just went to their main page and typed in what I was looking for, poodle ornaments for example, and they had so many options.  I was hoping to find one or two to choose from, but to my surprise Cafe Press offered more  than 20!

It looks as if they have almost every breed of dog, so you can give a perfect ornament to that special pooch in your life.

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~The How To Mommy

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