How To Look Thinner

by How To Mommy on 10.17.11

After a few bad weeks with Weight Watchers I’ve been feeling a little defeated lately.

I’m not giving up by any means, but my heart just isn’t in it right now.

I came across this great post from About A Mom called The Illusion of Skinny and she had some great tips for giving the illusion that you’re skinny, even if you’re a few pounds over your ideal.  🙂

These were a few of my favorites, but you can get the full list by clicking on the post name above.

How To Look Thinner

  • Wear clothes that fit you. Just because you can squeeze into something doesn’t mean it fits! Wearing clothing that is too tight just brings more attention to the fact that you could lose a few pounds.
  • Match your separates. Matching your skirt, stockings and shoes can make you look 5 pounds lighter. Matching in all black will save you a few more pounds. If you want to mix it up a bit, wear some colorful shoes {I love colorful shoes!}.
  • Wear some heels. Glamour magazine recommends wearing a gorgeous pair of heels.  They recommend nude heels with dresses to elongate your legs, towering metallic heels with jeans to create a lean line, and scoop-front heels with everything else if possible. {While this isn’t something I do often at all, it really does help!}
  • Show off the Girls. Lower necklines visually narrow your upper body, thus giving the illusion of skinny. If you are not comfortable with this, highlighting your decolletage by wearing a blouse with a jeweled or decorative neckline will do the trick. {This one works.  I think even a simple V-neck is enough of a neckline to really make a difference.  As a mom of two young girls, I’m certainly not “showing off” my girls to anybody!}
  • Add a Belt. Wear a skinny belt and cinch it at your waistline over dresses, flowy tops or a thin cardigan to achieve an hourglass shape.
  • Slim your face. Pulling your hair up and away from your shoulders will give your face a slimmer look. {I can NOT do this one…something about my hair feels like my security blanket and I like it down.  Does this work for you guys?}
  • Avoid over sized clothing. Excess fabric only makes you look bulkier. Over sized clothing doesn’t help camouflage anything. {True!}
  • If all else fails. If all else fails, there is always Spanx! {Can I get an AMEN?}

I think a lot of these are so helpful!  What do you do to hide your trouble areas?

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~The How To Mommy

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1 Joyce October 18, 2011 at 4:15 AM

Great ideas, I have never gotten a spanx but have heard a lot about the benefits of wearing them…


2 Elizabeth October 18, 2011 at 10:57 AM

Perfect timing on this post! We have family pictures this week and I would love to look 5 lbs lighter!! I’m like you with my hair though – I hate pulling it back! But the others I will definitely give a shot!! Especially the spanx (aka God’s gift to women).


3 How To Mommy October 18, 2011 at 4:59 PM

You’ll look great!


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