How To Photograph Your Kids

by How To Mommy on 10.24.11

Does this image look familiar?

It’s not easy getting “the perfect shot” of tiny, squirmy, impatient little creatures!

I was reading an article from Parenting magazine on photographing your kids called “Say Cheese.”

I thought this would be the prefect thing to share just in time for Holiday photo season!

How To Photograph Your Kids

  1. Set The Stage: Generally, kids feel the most comfortable on their own couch or playroom. Your child playing with a train set, building a tower or blowing bubbles are all great opportunities to photograph colorful action and facial expressions.  An added bonus, when kids are fully engaged in activities they are less likely to notice the camera!  {Some of my favorite photos are just the kids playing!}
  2. Always Have The Camera Ready: You never want to miss a perfect moment because the camera battery is dead!  You should always have a camera sitting around the house that’s ready to go.  Bathtime and dinnertime are always potential photo ops.  {I love to capture bathtime because they are always smiling!}
  3. Keep Shooting: Luckily, with digital cameras you can take lots of photos.  Small facial movements can make or break a photo, so just move around the room and shoot from many different angles, like lying on the ground or standing on a chair.  {Clearly, I’m no stranger to contorting myself every which way to get the best picture!}

I hope you find these tips as helpful as I did!  Do you have any other great tips for getting good photos of your kids?

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