How To Organize: Mommy’s Must Have Monday

by How To Mommy on 02.26.12

I’ve mentioned on a few occasions that I’m trying to get my house in order this year.

Tonight I’m finally making use of two things that have been at my fingertips for weeks and I wanted to share them with you.

Thirty-One Hang Up Home Organizer

I’ve had the Hang-Up Home Organizer on the side of my pantry for a few months now.  It wasn’t until recently I finally decided to start putting it to use.

It has dry erase spots for labeling the folders and small pockets {mine are bills, coupons, my mail, hubby’s mail, and gift cards}, as well as for two 8.5 x 11 inch sheets of paper.  I use mine for a shopping list {add to it during the week as we run out of items} and my cleaning schedule {see below}.

In the upper left-hand side there’s the perfect spot to hang your calendar.  Since I haven’t bothered to pick up a 2012 calendar yet {what, it’s not even March…and in my defense, our realtor usually sends us one by now}, I found this really great blank calendar template online.  I really like how I can type in my events each month and color code the items based on whose event it is!

I love that it is such a great snapshot of what’s going on in my home and what needs to be done.  You can get one for yourself in a variety of patterns here!

Cleaning Schedule

I got the idea for a cleaning schedule from my friend over at Finding Hope.  Her Life Management Notebook really gave me what I needed to start the ball rolling with order and consistency in my home.

This schedule is great because it’s customizable to your life and how you can break up your day and week.  I grouped items that need to be done every day into the three times of day I thought they’d most likely be accomplished.

I then thought of which items needed to be done every week and divided them based on what we usually have going on during the week or which day the ads come out.

If you don’t want to create your own schedule, let Finding Hope Etsy Shop do it for you!

I hope these items help you start to have more order in your house.  I know they will in mine!

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