How To Give Thanks: Thanksgiving Crafts

by How To Mommy on 10.20.11

I had a lot of fun digging through Pinterest for adorable Halloween crafts a few weeks ago.

My mom’s group ended up doing the Toilet Paper Pumpkins.  How cute is it?

After having so much fun, I thought I’d start looking for Thanksgiving crafts!

There were so many options, but I think I found a few that would either be easy for Little Miss R to do, or would be fun to show off!

Use the poll below to tell me which craft is your favorite!

Option 1: Thankful Turkey Craft

Here you basically use your child’s hand print as the feet, a toilet paper roll for the body and a paper plate and construction paper for the body and feathers.

I really like that Little Miss R and I could do this together and we’d get to have a discussion about what she is Thankful for!

Option 2: Sugar Cookie Turkeys

These are pretty self explanatory, but you use chocolate icing to attach candy corn feathers and mini M&M’s for eyes.  Then you just draw on the beak and the feet and you have a precious treat!

If you used pre-made dough, these could be done pretty easily and I think an almost three year old could help attach “feathers” and eyes.

Option 3: Thanksgiving Light

Here you pick up a glass block with a hole for a light at your local craft store, as well as the stand and the light.  I’ve never heard of these, but Hobby Lobby sells them for $9.99.  Then you paint your child’s hand and finish up the turkey details.

The original creator used vinyl letters that she created herself, but I don’t have a cricut {or anything else crafty and coo to cut the letters} so I’d probably just buy some at the craft store.

I love that this is something you’d want to keep for years and you can always remember how tiny their little hands were once upon a time.

Option 4: Oreo Turkeys

Here you buy Oreos, whoppers, mini reeses, candy corn and yellow, red and chocolate frosting and attach everything with the chocolate.

These look like they might be fairly time consuming, but how stinking cute are they?!

I want you to weigh in!  Which craft is your favorite?

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