How To Coupon: Help Wanted!

by How To Mommy on 03.04.12

I spent the last weekend with my friend who is a “couponer.”

She isn’t extreme, but she can save a considerable amount of money every week with her coupons.

When we were at the grocery store she began to show me her ways and I had a blast!

While it wouldn’t probably be as easy with two little ones in tow, I still think I want to get into it.

Where To Find Coupons

  • Newspapers– the Smart Source and Valassis coupon inserts appear on a near-weekly basis. The Procter and Gamble insert appears at the start of each month
  • Magazines– women’s publications such as Woman’s Day, Red Book, Family Circle and Good Housekeeping frequently carry manufacturer coupons
  • In store– look for coupons on store shelves, on products and on the back of your receipts. Also look for coupons to print out at the register
  • Online– look to free grocery coupon sites for loads of printable coupons. Not all stores take them; but if yours does, you’re in luck

  • Junk mail– high-value manufacturer coupons have started to appear in junk mailers, so be sure to look before you toss
  • Direct from the manufacturer– check manufacturer websites for printable coupons or contact companies (by mail, e-mail or phone) to request coupons
  • How to Maximize Your Savings

    • Shop at stores that double coupons (not in my town…sad)
    • Keep your coupons with you at all times – you never know when you may need them
    • Match coupons to sales – use a site like to help you do this
    • Learn each store’s coupon policy

    How to Keep Coupons Organized

    • Develop a filing system. Many couponers organize their coupons by grocery category–dairy, frozen foods, deli, etc. – but it’s not the only way to go. Find a filing system that works for you.
    • Find a container to hold your coupons. Use a shoebox, a storage container, a coupon binder, a coupon wallet or a recipe box
    • File coupons the same day you get them. Or at least try to file them as soon as you can.
    • Purge regularly. Expired coupons won’t save you money, so don’t let them hog space in your coupon file.

    These are the tips I found so far, but I really want advice from you experts.  Please sound off in the comments and let me know your best tips, tricks and strategies for couponing!

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    ~The How To Mommy

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    1 Kayse March 4, 2012 at 9:10 PM

    I’m a big fan of coupons. I regularly save 40-50% on every grocery trip – they really pay off! The best tip I have is to buy a subscription to the Sunday paper through . I got the LA times for $1 a week, and I save WAY more than that each week with the coupons I get from it! I look at my coupons and sale ads before I menu plan, and when I’m stocking up on snacky items I only buy what I can coupon match with a sale. I also combine my coupons with my store card – it ends up paying off SO much. Also make sure you “like” manufacturers’ facebook pages. They almost always have a coupon offer for liking them. This is especially true for restaurants – free appetizer or a meal deal for liking their facebook page. I also use a LOT. Good luck! I haven’t found my favorite way to organize them yet, but I’m thinking I’m going to pick up an index card or recipe box pretty soon and try that!


    2 How To Mommy March 4, 2012 at 9:24 PM

    Thanks so much Kayse!


    3 Allison March 8, 2012 at 8:49 AM

    Hi! I have a couponing tutorial on my website – Allison’s Durham Deals. You might want to check it out.


    4 How To Mommy March 8, 2012 at 2:32 PM

    Thanks, I definitely will!


    5 Mind March 10, 2012 at 6:53 AM

    I tried hard to coupon. Made a binder, clipped frommstores, and searched the web. It lasted about a month and then I was done. I was finding it all too time consuming. Maybe eventually I will start again when my kids are older and can help clip and search for them,


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