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by How To Mommy on 01.30.12

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Kirby, RN and mom to one year-old EK

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I love to do laundry. Well, I used to, before I had Ella Kate last January. Tiny people make the biggest messes! I tried the Dreft detergent, the Dreft spray… my kid just has bionic spit up that clings to clothing like a tick to a fat dog.

My husband and I ventured out… we paid for Tide. Wow, that is some pricey stuff when you do as much laundry as we do. The thing was, the clothes still didn’t really smell “clean” when they came out. The stains were still there, too. I got so desperate that I MADE my own detergent. Yeah, I used a cheese grater to grind up Fels Naptha into flakes and made it myself. Holy ick, were our clothes stiff.

A month or so ago, while grocery shopping, I remembered that we were low (tapping the bottle to make it come out) on laundry detergent. On a whim, I picked up Arm & Hammer PowerGel Plus Oxi-Clean. This stuff was cheap, and I was drawn in.

I got home, and decided to give it the ultimate test on our white bathroom towels. Wow! They looked brighter, and smelled amazing. I love how the scent remains on your fabrics, even after the dryer phase. We don’t find ourselves wasting time by pretreating clothes with laundry spray. This detergent gets anything out. Ella Kate has not had any problems with skin irritation with the use of this detergent, which is always a worry to me.

I love to find great deals on items that actually work. Add a coupon into the already low $5 price tag for 34 loads, and you could really get a bargain!

What a great tip! But I hate laundry. Maybe Kirby will do mine for me?  Find out more about what Kirby and EK love at Keeping Up With the McCaslands.

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1 Kirby January 30, 2012 at 8:13 AM

I love it! Thanks for having us Kelli!


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