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by How To Mommy on 10.23.11

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Jen, mom to 11 month-old Charlie

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Her favorite product:
A quick lesson that new parents learn is that babies looooove to be held. Duh, right? Well, you don’t realize just how much they love it and just how little you get done until they’re actually here. There begins the battle; you love holding your baby, but you also love having clean clothes to wear, making a sandwich (and actually eating it), and the occasional pee. That being said, one baby item that we quickly got addicted to was the Beco Baby Carrier.

I spent the last few weeks of my pregnancy and first few weeks of my son’s life in search of the perfect baby carrier. I read reviews, talked to other Moms, and searched the internet and came up with the same basic suggestions. I was set on the Ergo since they came pretty highly recommended and fit the bill….that was until I spoke to my boss’s wife.

We were over for a Super Bowl party and she asked me how things were going with Charlie. I mentioned that we were looking into getting an Ergo since he was a colicky little guy and she stopped right in her tracks. She ran back to her son’s room and brought out a Beco Butterfly carrier. She said, “Try this on and you’ll want one.”  She was right.

Though not as popular or well known as brands such as Baby Bjorn or Ergo, the Beco Butterfly is the most comfortable carrier I have ever tried on! The Beco Butterfly carries the baby by supporting their bottom and legs in a sitting position, rather than dangling them by their crotch, which can cause hip problems.

It can be used as a front or back carrier for infants between 7lbs. and 45lbs. and actually remains comfortable as your child gets heavier over time.

My favorite part of this carrier is how easy it is to put on (front or back) without assistance from another adult. This is key for a carrier as you may not always have help. Instead of laying directly against you, the baby sits in a sling of fabric that is attached to the shoulder straps.

This means its never an acrobatic feat to hold the baby in place as you tighten the straps – he is always safely attached to you as you adjust everything. This also makes taking the carrier off easier too – when you undo the waist strap and loosen everything up, the baby stays put in the sling until you remove them. The sling design also makes it possible to move the carrier from parent to parent without removing the baby….obviously while taking great care. We’ve been able to move a sleeping infant from my husband to myself without waking him up. Now, how much is that worth?

Some other raves:

  • The fabric is incredibly soft and washes well.
  • The hood stores in a pocked under the baby’s bum, so its always ready to pull out.
  • While other carrier brands charge more or extra for organic fabric, an infant insert, or pretty designs, all of these things come standard!!
  • You can fold it up into a neat little package with the included storage strap.
  • The organic fabric stays cool and breathes.
  • The straps are very adjustable – the waist belt goes from 28″ to 57″ and the shoulder straps from 23″ to 45″.
  • Have I mentioned the absolutely adorable designs?

All in all, this is the only carrier I recommend to friends. If I had the money, I’d buy it for every new Mom I know!

I wish I’d known about this carrier before getting mine!  It sounds great.  Check out more from Jen at Home for Three.

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