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by How To Mommy on 12.18.11

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Nicole, event planner, legal assistant and mom to 11 month old Blake

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The first few months of Blake’s life were a bit rough for us, and for her. We were not only first time parents having absolutely no clue what we were doing or how to take care of a child, but our little girl had colic and extreme acid reflux.

She underwent tests at the hospital when she was just three weeks old to see if her digestive track was working correctly and had to be switched to Nutramigen, a formula that breaks down all of the milk particles so they can be digested easily.

On top of that, we were giving her liquid Zantec twice a day, and still we had little to no relief. We were about to pull our hair out from the countless screaming days and nights and were unsure of what to do next in order to help her get some relief, until a friend of ours told us about Dr. Brown’s bottles.

These bottles were truly our life saver! They have a patented internal vent system that is in each and every bottle and it reduces the amount of air that causes bubbles, which causes colic, spit-up, gas, etc.

Not only do they help reduce the amount of air bubbles but they also help keep nutrients in the milk/formula as well. I would say that almost immediately we saw a change in our daughter after purchasing these bottles. The screaming, spit-up and just overall discomfort level went down dramatically! It was almost like we had a new baby.

I will never use another kind of bottle with a newborn baby, regardless if they are colicky or have acid reflux, they are just an absolute must have!

Thanks for your great tips, Nicole!  Check out more about Nicole and Blake at Pregnancy Roadtrip and Beyond.

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1 Elizabeth @Our Life December 19, 2011 at 11:15 AM

Dr. Brown’s bottles are a “must have” in our house as well! They made *such* a difference when Evan was a newborn!


2 Nicole Kubon December 19, 2011 at 1:03 PM

Thanks for having me Kelli!


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