How To Play: Mommy’s Must Have Monday

by How To Mommy on 02.06.12

The next mom featured on Mommy’s Must Have Monday:

Sara, mom to seven month old Mackenzie

Her blog:

Crazy Casa K

Her favorite product:

I currently have two ‘Must Have Items’. They keep Mackenzie busy 90% of the day!

First is her play mat. She has had this mat since before she was born. It was great for when she wasn’t sitting up or rolling over because she could play with all the hanging toys. She even took naps on the mat.

Now that she is sitting up, I hang some toys on one side of it and let her sit up to play with them. If she wants, she can lay under the toys still too and kick and play.

We also have her saucer that I found at Once Upon A Child. She loves it!  I have all kinds of toys hanging from it, that it’s almost overwhelming to me. But she loves it!

She spins, she plays, she watching some Sesame Street, and even eats in it. I can drag it to the kitchen if I need to cook or clean. I’ve dragged it to the bathroom so that I can do my hair and make up. We even carry it down stairs if we want to hang out down there for awhile. It’s perfect for us!!

Those are great items! My girls had similar toys that they loved.  Read more about Sara atA McFall Minute.

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1 melissa February 6, 2012 at 6:18 PM

Haha- we have both products and love them!


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