How To Hop: Babies and Pets


Is anything cuter than your precious babies cuddled up with your pets? Melissa at Growing Up Geeky and Caroline at Aidan …with EOS don’t think so either. I’m linking up with them this week to share adorable pictures of Little Miss R and our puppies.  Apparently I never take any pictures of Baby O with […]

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How To Cook: Meal Planning Mondays


I leave town in the middle of this week and my mother-in-law is coming in town to help my husband with the girls. I thought it would be nice of me to not only plan the menu for them, but cook the meals ahead of time as well. Here’s what they can expect for dinner […]

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How To Cook: Vegan Apple Carrot Zucchini Muffins


I had a zucchini sitting in my fridge and really wanted some zucchini bread. But I really hate all the fat and sugar that’s in most recipes. Especially if I give it to my girls for breakfast! I saw this recipe (made a few of my own tweaks) and was overall really impressed with them! […]

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How To Cook: Trader Joe’s Stuffed Peppers


 My girls and I were shopping at Trader Joe’s this morning {love that store} and I smelled something wonderful. We went back to the “Demos” section and tasted their stuffed peppers. They were amazing and I immediately knew what was for dinner. We had them tonight and my husband and I loved them!  Plus, they […]

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How To Keep Cool


Has any one else had enough of the heat? Me too. Aside from swimming or just plain staying inside, I’m running out of ways to keep cool. In case you’re having the same problems, I thought I’d share are a few great ways to beat the heat. How To Stay Cool Avoid caffeine and alcohol as these will promote […]

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How To Cook: Meal Planning Mondays


Even though Finding Hope and I no longer do our weekly link up for our Meal Planning Monday, I knew this week was going to be SO busy that I would need to meal plan in order to ensure we’re eating healthy food all week instead of resorting to take out. I’m co-chairing my church’s […]

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How To Bathe: Master Bath Update


I’m sorry I’ve been so behind with my blog lately. Recently, our home has taken center stage. We are currently in the process of painting about 70% of our interior (and by we, I mean, the guy who is painting it). This involves of lot of prep, shopping, decluttering, and cleaning! I thought I’d share […]

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How To Get Your Zzz’s


I don’t know about you, but one of the most important things that can shape my whole day is sleep. If I don’t get a decent amount of sleep {this amount used to be no less than 8 hours…after having two babies and working a few jobs, it’s a little more flexible} I’m useless. I’m […]

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How To Cook: Meal Planning Mondays Week 13


Welcome back to Week 13 of Meal Planning Mondays! Finding Hope and I are doing a weekly link up for our Meal Planning. We’ve found that it’s a great way to save money when you plan in advance. We also love getting new ideas from each other! We have a short week this week, but […]

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How To Protect Your Baby: Cordblood Banking


In the rush of activity that can accompany a pregnancy, it’s perhaps not surprising that expectant parents don’t spend much time thinking about the issue of umbilical cord blood. After all, new mothers and fathers have to deal with baby names, nursery decorating schemes, preparing siblings for the new arrival, and sometimes, the pressing medical […]

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